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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Road Trip!

So it was a nice day yesterday. Not as nice as the day before mind you. Thursday was a-freakin' mazing! But I was not feeling well, so it was not meant to be. Although it was V-day, which to me is just another day. Because I have the least romantic husband in the universe. He's not much into surprises. Unfortunately, I LOVE surprises! I order stuff online then when it gets here I act all surprised. Ooooh, a present for me! He says that I never like what he gets me. Ok, and the last time he did that was when??? He still complains about the time that he bought me this huge a$$ Heart balloon. The thing literally, I'm not lying, was tied down in our spare room for THREE years! Till this day, he still tells people about how I got a knife and stabbed it and threw.it.away. He say's that I am spoiled. Whatever. According to him, everyday is V-day for me. And Christmas. And my birthday. We had lunch at Houston's for V-day then went home. We always have a nice meal at Houston's. I have never been dissapointed. So it was all good.

Friday we wake up to a nice day. I'm feeling better. The girls are in school and they both have plans for after school anyway. So we decide to take a drive. To Ft.Myers beach. So we get in my car. Top down. And act like tourists for the rest of the day. We drove through the Everglades. Saw a gazllion Alligators along the way. Drove through Naples & Bonita. And finally ended up in Ft. Myers. We walked on the powdery white sand beach. Among the powdery white heads. (Snowbird season) We looked at some gorgeous beach houses that we cannot afford but is what I want to own before I die. Then we watched the sunset along with about a thousand of our closest friends fellow sunset watchers. I had some awesome fish & chips then we drove back home. Nice day indeed.

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