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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Never Say Never....

First of all, I want to talk about a little something that happened today. Danny & I went to Panera for dinner last night. I hung my bag on the chair, had my yummy dinner, then walked out without it. Today, I planned on staying home and vegging the entire day. But I had to make a quick run to the grocery store because I realized that we did not have eggs. So I start looking for my purse. Can't find it anywhere. I start freaking out and I remembered that I took it with me. I call Panera and ask the guy if anyone had turned in a purse last night. He put me on hold to check. He comes back and tells me that someone had turned one in this morning. Great, I said. It's probably mine. Then he tells me that someone had already claimed it.

Well, you know, something in his voice bothered me. So I got in my car and drove myself there. I asked the Manager and she goes to the back and comes out with.my.purse! I could literally feel the realief flow through my body. Now, I'm not saying that the guy was planning on keeping my bag, yes, I am but whateverbut he just did not sound right at all. I'm a pretty good judge of character face to face. I can normally tell when someone is lying to me. And it just sounded like he was lying to me. He wouldn't have become a millionaire with my $2.43 but he could have done some major damage with my credit cards!

Anyhoo, my bloggy giveaway generated 234 entries. My poor blog is a bit over heated. Poor thing is only used to about 3 visitors a day. Everyone has sooo many neat things that they want to do in their lifetime! Here's to everyone being able to accomplish their dreams.

My winner is comment #16

doodlebugmom said...
Maybe random will pick me! (ok probably not, but I will play anyway!)I would love to spend an autumn in New England, touring all the historical places. And build my dream house.Linda - if I win, leave me a comment on my blog.
12:44 PM

Well, whaddaya know! Linda is one of my 3 regular readers! Yay!!!!!!

This has been fun! Until next time!


doodlebugmom said...

I left my purse in McDonald's one, I got mine back too. (So I can relate to the big sigh of relief)

and yippeee, I won. You have mail :o)

ahiltz said...

WOW! I am shocked how that guy lied to you about the purse!! How sad! Glad you checked it out for yourself! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you trusted your instincts on that one. People are crazy. Happy you got it back!

Now, I have to go enter a contest...

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

So glad you got your purse back! That is so scarey. . I have done that before and I was lucky too! That is the scariest though - realizing you've left your credit card or purse....The panicked feeling is horrible!!

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