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Saturday, March 20, 2010

No Get a Day for me

I started looking for volunteer opportunities in my area since the start of the program. There was never really anythin available for Danny & I to sign up for around here. During the Disney Social Media Moms conference, we learned that they had already had over 600K volunteers sign up for the program. So, I was even more determined to find an opportunity. That was on February 12th.

When we returned from Disney, I found a perfect opportunity and signed up for March 28th. Hurray! Not only would we be doing 8 hours of volunteer work but we would also have a ticket to DisneyLAND for our trip in October. Great way to cut back on expenses, right?

Well guess what? Disney hit their goal of a million volunteers on or about March 8th. We are still doing our volunteer work, acually we signed up for 2 seperate days. One for a ticket and one without. Only difference now is that both days are without tickets. Although we are a bit disappointed, we are still commited to what we signed up for.

Although the program has ended and a free Disney theme park ticket will no longer be provided, those still interested in volunteering may search for opportunities through HandsOn Network, or in Canada.

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