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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Road Tripping!

Get in the car and drive. That would be easy for some, but I'm more of a planner. For our 22nd Anniversary, we did not have any huge plans since we will be going to Hawaii in October. I had a couple of hotel vouchers that I had purchased at a discount and Danny & I both have our Disney Passes. We both wanted to go up to St Augustine for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We decided on just one night in St Augustine, 2 nts in Orlando and 2 nights in Sarasota.

We're off the minute that Danny gets home from work on Thursday.Saying that the weather was crappy is an understatement. The rain stayed with us the entire ride up. We arrived in St Augustine around 1PM and decided to go to the San Sebastian Winery for their wine tasting. If you are ever in St. Augustine and want to do something that is FREE, this is th place to go. The tour & wine tasting is 100% free. The wines are well priced but there is never any pressure to purchase.
We have been to St. Augustine several times in the past. We have done all the touristy things like the Tour Train, Ripley's, The Lightner Museum, Flagler College & a Ghost Tour. This trip was more of a chill day. We were staying at our favorite Bed & Breakfast, The Saragossa Inn. We had reservations at our favorite restaurant, Collage. Plus I had a free ghost tour on my iPhone courtesy of Shivers & Awes.

After the winery we checked in at the inn, and it was like coming home. I had reserved the same suite, the Southwind, that we had stayed at last time. I LOVE this inn. The location is great, within easy walking distance to everything. Each suite has it's own entrance from the outside. Free off-street parking, Wi-Fi & breakfast. Our host, Gibbs, is friendly, informative and a fabulous chef! The rooms are all nicely decorated and super clean. The beds are comfortable and the towels are plush. The Southwind has a small room at the entrance with a daybed & wetbar area with a micro, fridge & coffee maker.
Gibbs serves a 3 course breakfast that is fantastic! Our breakfast consisted of fried apples for the fruit course and I believe, it was called a Saragossa Monte Cristo as the main course. I unfortunately did not get a photo of the 2nd course, but it was french toast topped with ham, eggs, cheese & tomatoes. I do not eat eggs so I just slid that off. It was delicious! Then came the dessert! OMG! Dessert for breakfast! That is music to my ears. Dessert was home made Strawberry Shortcake. Yummo! I'm not a coffee drinker, but Danny raved about the coffee.

This is our second stay at the Saragossa Inn and it won't be our last. I highly recommend it! I had the opportunity to tour and view each suite, you can't go wrong with any of them!

Next up is my review of Collage Restaurant

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