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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The cutest proposal EVER!

I am a sucker for creative proposals. As I have mentioned before, Danny is NOT in the least bit romantic. I am not complaining. Trust me. There really is no such thing as a "perfect" man. Whoever tells me that there is, will have to definitely prove it to me. There is always one or ten little things. In my case, if I have to forgive the lack of romanticsm for a loyal, faithful and very giving husband... I will do it in a heartbeat.

Still, that does not stop me from admiring those that are not only romantic but oh, so very creative when it comes to surprises and proposals.
So here I present to you, my all time favorite proposal. It doesn't hurt that it's at Disney!

Although there is the possibility that this is not a real proposal, I choose to ignore that possibility. It's Disney, after all. I choose to believe in the magic!

1 comment:

kailani said...

That was so awesome! I wonder how much practicing he had to do? And can you imagine if she said No? LOL!

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