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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oh, how I've missed you!

My life as a travel agent is taking up most of my days lately. Forget the fact that I only have one client. Myself! I am, and have always been, in charge of planning all our travels. I hunt down the best prices and read tons of reviews before I finally book. On extremely rare occassion, I will book blindly. Meaning, there are no reviews and I am going in just on instincts. I just booked one of those.

I am finally getting down to finalizing and booking our trip to Hawaii. It's been 3 long years since our last trip to Hawaii. We will be traveling to LA, Maui, Kauai, Oahu then back to LA before coming back home. Twenty-three days total. I will probably not post much of our exact plans until we return, but I will be posting planning tips and also, more details about our trip in 2007. I will include links to my favorite places, tours, accommodations etc. I will also include tips on budgeting and saving money. Hawaii is not cheap, but we managed to get the most for our money. Just takes a heck of a lot little planning and research.

Like I mentioned a few days ago, I have decided to post my personal reviews and travel tips on here. I will not post my work evaluations unless the client specifically requests that I do. In such instances, I will always let ya'll know!

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Jackie said...

Hi Lissete, I finally got around to getting out your business card from the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. I cannot wait to hear more about your trip (and how cheap you got it) :)

Jackie aka @freeismylife

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