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Monday, December 06, 2010

BlogHer or Bust!

Since DisneySMMoms did not work out for me for 2011, I have decided to direct my attention completely to BlogHer '11. I have been considering attending Blogher for the past two years but it never really panned out.  I am even tempted to skip this one and hope that it will be here (or somewhere on the East coast) for 2012. But why put it off for yet another year? If I can make it work, I definitely want to be there next year.  Hopefully, I can get a sponsor, since this one will cost a pretty penny.  Between airfare, hotel and the conference itself, ay chi chi, I might have to sell my first born! Or maybe both, that way the 2nd one doesn't think that she's the favorite!

If any of you are planning on attending BlogHer '11 let me know! Plus there is a code out for 20% off registration until 12/31, but the amount of times it can be used is limited ... I think.  Just enter BlogHerGift before check-out

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