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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Viva España!

In just 10 short months,if everything goes as planned, we should be boarding a plane to Spain. I am the planner, the Travel Agent, and the budgeter for all our trips. My husband just comes along for the ride. Oh, and he pays too!

I am going nuts trying to plan this trip! My U.S. based travel is easy peasy. This is our first trip to Europe and it is really stressing me out. So many things to consider! I don't know if I should even consider renting a car or just rely on transit. I'm not quite sure of how much time to dedicate to each city. We only have 7 days total in Spain. We then board the Norwegian Epic for it's Trans-Atlantic sailing back to Miami. I am also not sure how I will handle the 8 1/2 hour flight.  I'm sure that I will need some sort of sleepy time meds.

I'm going to go blind from all the research! One good thing about this trip though, is that we already speak the language! Another great thing is the Sangria! But that's not important right now. LOL

Although I pride myself on getting the most for my travel $$$, I'm having a bit of a hard time with this trip.  Stay tuned, I'll be posting what I learn along the way. Oh, and if anyone has any tips, please feel free to share

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