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Thursday, December 02, 2010

T-45 minutes

As I type, it is T -45 minutes til the Disney Social Media Moms registration. I am still sick as a dog. It's no fun being sick while at Disney! I literally cannot breathe. I desperately need an aerosol treatment but my machine is at home. We've been here since Tuesday and have not been able to do much because I can't function. Fortunately, I had canceled my Keys to the World Tour for today in order to be able to register for the conference. I have a feeling that this is going to sell out faster the Cher's one of several Farewell Tour!

I need major pixie dust ...and a Comtrex or two!


OMG! I logged on at 1:55 PM for registration.  I sat and watched an orange spinning circle for  about 20 minutes before I actually got the registration page. My fingers were flying all over the place, so I hope the typos were minimal.  Especially with my credit card information.  Now we wait for review.  What exactly is the review? I really don't know.  I hope that it is not dependent on stats.  I'm not, by any means, a big numbers blogger.  Not yet anyways.  Like Chris Brogan said at last year's conference, "Don't rule out little bloggers, because little bloggers may become big bloggers one day". Or something to that effect.

Although I still feel like death, and have a feeling that I might need a chest X-ray when I get home, at least being able to submit my registration made my day a bit brighter. 

Good luck to everyone who is trying to get in! Maybe I'll see you in March!

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