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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas with the Kranks

Well, it looks like I actually followed through with my vow to skip Christmas this year.  People were making bets as to how long I would last.  They were sure that I would crack and give in to the holiday.  But as of today, Dec 22nd, I have yet to put up one single decoration or buy one single gift! Yay me! 

My checks have gone out to St Judes & CureSearch and those were the only items on my list. I hope that my friends and family honor my wishes and donate as well.  Although I LOVE presents, there are others that need them more than I do. 

New Years Eve seems to be going to be a very quiet one for us as well.  So far, D is not working but that can change at anytime.  If he gets called in, he will go.  Heck, we need the $$$.  What sucks is that he will have to deal with all the damage that drunk drivers leave behind.  So please, please play it safe.  Just don't drink & drive.  My girls may just be out there and I would hate for them to have to cross your path.

I wish all my bloggy friends a wonderful and safe holiday! Hugs to all!

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