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Friday, January 21, 2011

Go Red for Women on Feb. 4th

Here I am, once again, asking you to take charge of your heart health. Don't be fooled into thinking that heart disease only affects men. Here is a link to my Go Red post from last year. It also links you up to a short history.

Today I would like to share what it felt like to have a heart attack. On that day, I had taken my daughter to the pediatrician in the morning. As I was driving her back to school, I felt a pulling on the left side of my chest. It went away within a few minutes though, so I went about my day. I ended up at the grocery store, where I grabbed a basket since I only planned on purchasing a few items. I hadn't walked more then a few steps, through the store when I felt that I could not carry my basket with my left hand. I then felt the pulling on my left side again but this time it radiated to my back and left arm as well. I thought it was heart burn. It definitely did not feel like what I would expect a heart attack to feel like. I've heard people describe it as a crushing pain or like having an elephant sit on your chest.
I had cold sweats and when I tried walking towards the exit, I had a very hard time breathing. That is when I sort of started to panic.

I was taken by rescue to the hospital where it was confirmed that I was having a heart attack. The very next day, I was in the cath lab for my first of two procedures to have stents placed in my arteries. Every doctor and every nurse that walked into my room would do a double take when they saw me. I was a tiny, thin, 35 year old woman and they were not used to seeing that.

So why am I telling ya'll this? Well simply because I can. I am thankfully, still around to be able to tell it. To let you know that all heart attacks do not feel the same. That you won't necessarily feel that clutch your heart, intense pain that screams that you are having a heart attack. And that you are not protected simply by being a woman.

The best defense is to take charge of your heart health. See your doctor. Know your numbers. Know your risk factors. And take control. Your heart will thank you for it.

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