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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go Red for Women on Feb.5th

It's that time of year again. Time for my annual public service announcement. This may sound like a broken record for those that are my regular bloggy friends, but I put this out there as much as I can. If it helps just one person, it's worth it.
The following is from the American Heart Association:

One in three American women die from heart disease, making it the leading killer of women in America. In 2002, heart disease killed more women than breast cancer, lung cancer and strokes combined, according to statistics from the National Heart Lung and Blood institute.

I dodged one major bullet. On February 10th, 2002, I had a heart attack. Fortunately, I was not one of those women that lost their life in 2002. I was 35 years old. Who would have guessed that there was trouble lurking inside my body. Quite frankly, I should have guessed. I should have taken steps to make sure that everything was ok. Why should I have guessed? To start with, I have a family history. I ignored a history and it could have cost me my life. I thought that since I was a woman, that I was not a risk. Aside from hereditary aspect, I was not heavy, I exercised, I did not and do not smoke. So you never really know.

Simple tests can detect trouble. Don't ignore this advice. Go to the doctor. Get yourself checked. Whether you have a history or not. Use the great tools at Go Red for Women, Keep your heart healthy, you can't live without it!

Don't forget to wear red on February 5th! Everyone looks good in red!!!

1 comment:

kailani said...

I'm so glad you survived that dangerous ordeal! Thank you for the reminder!

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