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Thursday, July 06, 2006

California Adventure & DL Part III

Today we could sleep in! Hurray!!! I still woke up at 7 though. But I was able to just rest my body in bed while the others slept. Danny & I went down slightly before 9 to get breakfast for the 2 sleepyheads & us. We were out the door at about 9:30. We caught the shuttle and were in California Adventure by 9:45AM.

We went directly toward Soarin’. We haven’t ridden it at WDW so it was new to us. We all liked it. We then just wandered around and did everything in the order that we saw it & caught our fancy. As far as rides go, we really only rode Soarin’ (10 mins.wait), the Sun Wheel (on the gondolas that don’t move), Tower of Terror( FP), Grizzly River Run(5 mins) & Monster’s Inc.(45 mins) Kari & Danny also rode Screamin’(15 mins). We totally regretted making the line for Monsters.
We saw the Aladdin show which was fantastic. The genie is hilarious!! We also did the bakery & the tortilla tour and Turtle Talk. We unanimously agreed that this was not the park for us. Sort of like MGM, we like it and all but if we had to buy a 1 day pass we would not waste it on MGM.

We left the park a little before 3 and walked across Harbor Blvd.to Denny’s. The girls like the country fried steak so they requested that we go there. After we ate we went back to the room for a while. Relax a bit and start packing up so that we could sleep a little longer the next morning.

At about 6PM we headed back to Disneyland. We went directly to New Orleans Square to see if there were any plans to open Pirate’s today. There was a bunch of people crowding around a CM who seemed totally frustrated. When she broke loose we asked her and she told us that she kept telling them to go to the other side but they wouldn’t listen. We took her word for it and started running. When we get there, they were just staring to let people in.

Although we were behind a huge crowd we only waited for a maximum of 20 minutes! I was so happy! Especially since I had practically given up all hope of seeing DL’s version. I concur with everyone, we liked DL’s Pirates better! The Jack Sparrow animatronics are extremely amazing. We stared at them hard because they looked so life like that we thought that it was like a candid camera thing and one was the real thing!

We rode a few things that we wanted to repeat. Then sat and listened to a group that was playing 80’s music in Tomorrowland. We had FPs for Autopia but the stand-by line was like 90 minutes or so and the CM said the FP line would be about 50 minutes, so we passed and gave our FPs to someone who was about to get in the stand-by line.
We went to play around in Innoventions for a bit then decided to call it a day.

Our Disney days have come to an end with many surprises along the way. We are very happy campers and hope to come back in the future. Up next: LA

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