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Friday, July 07, 2006

L.A. WB Tour, Rodeo Dr., Getty & Magic Castle

We have tickets for the 10:30 tour at the Warner Brothers Studios. I was up at around 8. The bed here is really hard. I’m not used to it. I have a nice comfy SAM adjustable bed at home. So I am not saying that everyone will find it hard but I did. There is a nice goose down duvet on the bed so I requested a top sheet for it so that I could lay on it tonight and maybe that would help.
We went down to get some breakfast before leaving. They set up in the small lobby but it wasn’t bad. They get their pastries daily from a local bakery and they are quite good. The also have cereals, breads & fresh fruit. Milk, coffee & three different kinds of juice.

We were off to Burbank at around 9:30. We didn’t get much traffic and arrived at 10. They asked if we wanted to take the 10 o’clock tour and we agreed. The tour was interesting. We saw the town used for the Gilmore Girls. We visited the set for E.R. And the recreated set of Friends. There was a lot of worker but no filming. I’m sure if we went during off summer months we would probably see more stuff going on. All in all it was a good tour.

The tour lasted 2 ¼ hours. When we were done we went to have lunch at Black Angus. We don’t have one here and I wish we did. The service was great, the food was really good, and the price was awesome. I had a meal that includes my entrée (Filet), 2 sides, soup or salad, your drink and a large brownie for dessert. They also serve a nice loaf of warm bread. My meal was only $14.99. Awesome deal!

From there we drove to Beverly Hills. First stop, Rodeo Drive. It was really hot today, so a quick look around and we were ready to leave. We drove around for a bit, looking at all the mansions. We went up hills & down hills until the girls asked if we could go to the movies. They really wanted to see Click. Yes, we were going to see a movie while on vacation. I think they asked because there really isn’t much to do at night. At least, nothing that all of us can do together. And as I mentioned before, hey did not want to walk around Hollywood at night.

So we got on Sunset Blvd. And went to the Arclight Cinema which is on 63rd & W. Sunset Blvd. You park in their parking garage and it’s $2 for 4 hours w/validation. I Loved this theater. The seats are extra wide and fit a cup of any size. Assigned seating you reserve when you buy, so... No Lines!!! Theres not a bad seat in the theater, even the front row is awesome. I think the first row is about 30 ft. from the screen. You can buy online or at the kiosk ahead of time with no service charge. The price is kind of high, we paid $11 each no student price, but then again we pay $9 & the girls pay $7 here. The popcorn was very good too. We all loved the movie. It’s a comedy with a message. We enjoyed it. Afterwards we walked around inside the little mall area, then stepped out onto Sunset Blvd. Whole different world. We went back & into the parking garage.
Danny decided to go back on Hollywood Blvd. The girls enjoyed the “sights” from the safety of our car! My girls are very sheltered!

The next day, we decided to take a drive to Malibu. We drove through the area for a while then drove through Santa Monica, we will be stopping here tomorrow. It was VERY hot today! I wanted to go see the Getty Center, so we went. All along listening to the whining in the back seat. I actually enjoyed what I did see. The grounds are beautiful & the views are great. I was able to see 2 wings of the museum before we left. The museum is free and parking is $7. You park and are taken by train up to the Getty Center. I would like to return someday to see the rest.

From there we went to the Farmer’s Market on 3rd & Fairfax and the Grove Mall. We loved this whole area. The Farmer’s Market is just that. They had lovely fresh produce along with many other things. The Grove Mall is an outdoor mall. There is a double decker trolley that takes you from the beginning of the mall to the Farmers market and has another stop ½ in between. There are restaurants & a movie theater as well.

We had to get back because it was nearing 4:30 and Danny & I had reservations for dinner at the Magic Castle Club. After we were showered and ready we walked to the club. We greatly enjoyed our visit. The shows were amazing. I love magic & illusions so I was really entertained. The dinner was a bit pricey for what was basically cruise ship food. We were sitting in a room with a magician, while waiting for a show to start. When the show was about ready to start, we walk out and I nearly bump into Criss Angel! I love his show! He said hello but we didn’t have a camera since we couldn’t take pictures inside the castle. I didn’t ask for an autograph either since he was not performing or anything, he was just there with his girlfriend & I hate to intrude! Anyhoo, we had a really nice evening. The girls were happy to stay in the room, watch movies & get online. That is, until they found out that Criss Angel was there!

Tomorrow is our last full day in California. We are going to Santa Monica, to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, then staying in Manhattan Beach for our last night.

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