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Monday, July 31, 2006

Feeling Hot, Hot Hot

Time goes by so quickly. I cannot believe that tomorrow is the 1st day of August already!! Before we kow it the holidays are upon us again. I am trying to convince the girls to give up gifts this year and we will go on a holiday cruise instead! Sounds like a fabulous plan to me, but they are not quite convinced yet. I don't see why not though, they get practically everything they need anyways.

The heat is insane! I can't stand being outside. Fortunately though, we have not hit the triple digits yet. It just feels like it. Hot & Sticky that's what we are! A/C running 24/7 and FPL charging 60% more because they feel like it= close to $500 per month. We'll be bankrupt soon!

Today was supposed to be the first day of a new diet, but I still have cupcakes left over from yesterday. Too much temptation! Especially since I made them and my nephew has officially declared me "The Cake Queen". So maybe I will start tomorrow! You would think that the weight would just melt off in this heat!

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