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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Day 4 & 5

Everyone but me got accustomed to the time change right away. I just kept waking up in the middle of the night and finally fully awake at about 6:30AM. A combination of the time change and Danny snoring like a jackhammer and not having anywhere to kick him out to, really did a number on me. Mental note made: Make appt. w/ sleep clinic to see if he can get a c-pap. Anywho, we finally were packed up and ready to go around 10 AM. We had reservations at the Cedar Lodge, which is right on Hwy. 140. Due to the rockslide we had to take the 120 into the park then out through the 140 to get to our motel.
On the way we spotted a Target I think in Manteca and stopped to get some drinks and breakfast stuff since this motel didn’t offer free breakfast. Well surprise, surprise, there is an In-n-Out in this shopping center. So we had a quick lunch the fueled up the car and we were on our way.OK, remember we are Floridians. We live practically below sea level and on totally flat land. So why would anyone be surprised when I start freaking out while going up that mountain???

Yes, we drove to Muir Woods, I freaked. We drove to Sedona last year, I freaked. We started going up to Yosemite, I freaked.

It went something like this:

Me: Danny slow down.
Danny: (silence)
Me: careful, careful, careful

Danny: (Silence)
Me: slow, slow, slow
Danny: If I go any slower, I’ll be stopped. Plus there are people behind me.
Me: oh my god, slower pleases.
Danny: Why don’t you trust my driving?
Me: You’re not used to driving on mountains.
Danny: Just trust me
Me: (Looking straight down about 5,000 ft out my window) please, please, please
Danny: You want to drive?

Obviously, we made it. But it was not my favorite part of the trip. Kari got a bit sick too. Should have given her some Dramamine.

We entered the park around 3:00PM or so and got to the visitors center at around 4. We watched the movie and bought my magnet. At around 7 we decided to go check in and relax for the next day. The Cedar Lodge is about 15 minutes from the West entrance if the park. It is right at where the road is closed due to the rockslide a few miles up. If you reach the roadblock, look to your left and there is the Cedar Lodge. We had a room with 2 queens & a sleeper sofa. The bathroom is large and the room was clean. It had a fridge and coffee maker as well. Not much storage room though. It was ok for our need and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it. The Yosemite View Lodge is closer to the park but about 60 a night more expensive. You save about 10 minutes drive time. Due to the road closure there is actually no traffic getting to the park from the motel.

The next day we woke up early and headed to the park. They informed us at the gate that the Tioga Pass Rd. had been cleared and was open to traffic. So we went up that way to see snow. It was quite a sight watching us in tank tops and shorts running around in the snow. It was absolutely beautiful. Then I saw the bear tracks and started wondering how fast I could actual run in the snow.

We then drove to Glacier Point with several stops in between. One stop was at Bridalveil Falls. Extremely cold splashing water! We had a really nice day and got some beautiful pictures.

The next day we entered the park through the 140 then exited through Mariposa to get to Monterey.


Mary Jo said...

I liked your commentary on San Francisco. I have stayed there for a couple of nights in a hotel, but the place you stayed at sounds just fine, and I'm going to consider it for next time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you stayed at the Cedar Lodge. That's the place that Cary Stayner worked when he killed four women at Yosemite back in 1999.

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