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Monday, March 26, 2007

County Fair Full Circle

Many years ago, when I was a tot I would go to the County Fair with my parents and/or grandparents. Back then it was focused more on livestock & less on rides. As I grew older, around my teen years, I would still go with a parental unit but would add friends to the mix. Then came the dates to the fair. By now the focus had shifted from livestock to rides. Danny & I got married, then started taking our kids. We spent many years contained to the kiddie area. As our girls got older, we started taking their friends with us as well. Today, Danny & I went to the fair by ourselves. On a date somewhat. The girls now go with their friends. Not with us. It's the circle of life and it was expected. We just have to go with the flow. Like I say to all my friends who still have little ones, enjoy them while you can. Time goes by way to fast. I found myself wanting to stand next to the merry go round waving at my girls as they rode by.

Danny & I go to the fair to eat, watch shows, eat, see the exhibits, eat then eat some more. Yes, we're fatties. But the fair only comes around once a year. I even tried fried oreos. Geez, they fry anything now a days!

By the way, I want an alpaca!


Melissa said...

What a nice post about the fair and the "circle of life." Know what I remember most about the fair as a kid? The food! (Of course). Ours had a 4-H booth with wonderful corn on the cob, and corn dogs. To this day, when I get a corn dog, I go ahead and slather the mustard all over it, just like I did at the fair.

Sheila said...

I can totally relate to this, about the kids getting older and wanting to go to places with their friends more than their parents now. Mine are 15 and 13 (going on 14 in May), so I know exactly where you're coming from!
And yes you are certainly right - time goes by way too fast!

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