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Monday, March 12, 2007



Danny & I went to the Melting Pot last night. We went for dinner but quite frankly, I can skip everyting between the cheese & the chocolate! Milk chocolate with a shot of amaretto and sprinkled with candied hazelnuts. YUM!

Is it any wonder that I don't lose the weight???? My will power sucks!


Melissa said...

Looks like loads of fun! I'm scared just thinking about that food, but I bet it was good.

Mmm, we have a Melting Pot about 45 minutes from us. Maybe for our anniversary, I can make an exception!

blackpurl said...

I love that restaurant... I have not been there in two years since our big move to Russia. I would love to go again! It looks like you had a great time.

kailani said...

I did one of those DNA things. It's pretty cool!

Sheila said...

We have a Melting Pot restaurant so close to us, but I've never been there. It looks good, though!

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