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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Warning: Major Ranting Below

Last May, a woman was speeding and driving erratically when she lost control of her car, which jumped onto the sidewalk and slammed into an 8 year old child killing him instantly. He was on the sidewalk. I remember this like it was yesterday. I was angry. As I always am when I hear stories like this or when I'm driving in a school zone and people haul ass past me. I was even angrier when they released the 911 tape of the driver's call. She sounded very matter of fact and expressed no emotion. Even when she told the operator that the child had been decapitated. I almost vomited. Actually, I think I did.

Today the driver was sentenced. She pled "No Contest". Charged with vehicular homicide. She will serve 364 days in jail but only on the weekends -- Friday night through Sunday night.
Her driver's license has been suspended for 10 years and she will be on probation for 10 years.
She also has to serve 1,000 hours of community service and must go to traffic school.

Huh???? I know it was not intentional. But I believe that it could have been prevented if only she had obeyed the law, in this case, the speed limit.

The boy's father stated in court, and I quote, "Every time this came on the docket, I've been here." "This woman just sits there stone-cold-faced as if she is the victim. She is not the victim. He is the victim."

Just like she sounded the day of the accident. No sign of remorse.

I pray for this boy's family. I cannot even imagine...


Nadine said...

That is such a sad story. I would think that some sign of remorse for killing child even if it was an accident would have warranted some peace for that child's family.

Tonja said...

I so agree with you. What a waste of life. I think in cases like this, judges should find some punishment that will constantly remind them of their crime. Like instead of reporting to jail...how about working in the emergency room or on a children ward of the hospital? It is so much easier to forgive if they show that they are truly sorry. I feel for this child's parents.

kailani said...

The penalty should have been harsher especially since she shows no remorse for her actions. Something needs to be changed regarding who the law protects.

Sheila said...

So sad... :( I can't even imagine either.. :(

Damselfly said...

My response was just like yours: "Huh?!" That's really too bad. How horrible to even think about it....

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