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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Drooling @ the Home Show

Danny & I went to the Miami Beach Home Show at the convention center yesterday. Traffic was insane. All the lots were full with folks waiting for a car to come out in order to be let in. I told cheap Danny just to valet, at least just ask how much they are charging. Heck, parking at the municipal lots is $10 and you wave to walk about 2 blocks plus it was raining. So after he drives around for about 1/2 hour in inch crawling traffic (at almost $3 per gallon of gas) he decides to take my advice. Finally! He won't admit that I was right though. Valet Parking= $15 plus no walking, plus no driving around in circles, plus stayed dry!!! Will he ever learn?

The show was ok. Got a few ideas, set up a few appointments but didn't actually buy anything yet. We've learned from past experience that there is no such thing as "Show Price". I did spin a wheel at one booth and got to do that money grabber machine thing. Danny didn't take a picture but it was hilarious! Free money is free money no matter how much it is. I stuck my arms in the slots and the machine starts blowing crumpled $1 bills around for 20 seconds. I managed to grab $16. It's harder than you think. I wish I had a picture!

After the show we went to eat at The Knife. This is a carnivores dream. But you also must go with a good appetite. For me, it's a waste. I had a salad, a small filet mignon & fries and I was stuffed. They also have a bunch of weird stuff that I was afraid to try. Dinner comes with dessert, so I had to have that as well. Plus a bottle of wine. Supposedly a bottle of red wine for each. I mixed my wine with sprite (my sangria version) and after 3 tiny glasses, my ears were getting hot! I can no longer hold my liquor! One glass & I'm done! I can't even have more than one yummy froo froo frozen drink. I'm such a wimp!


Nadine said...

Hey with valet parking you made a $1 profit from the money machine. What fun is that...I would love to try it...too bad no pictures.

Melissa said...

I love those types of shows. I really would love to go to the food shows with Jason, but they're always during the week when I have to work.

And I agree that at $15, that valet parking was a bargain!

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