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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Holy Highway Robbery Batman!

Kat started at the University on Moday. So far so good. Professors seem ok, for now. Today, she went to buy 2 books and a lab coat. Total? $364!!!!! No used books to be had. It's not enough that each semester is roughly about $2K. No wonder these poor kids are in debt way into their careers! Fortunately she decided to stay home and go to school here.

So now, I shall remove myself from my soapbox and move on to something else.

I think that I may have just converted Danny into a "shopper"! We went to JC Penney today and a bunch of stuff was green tagged 75% or more. He actually walked out with 3 freakin' huge bags full of clothes! Yea! This is from a man who literally lives in T-shirts. It drives me nuts. I have threatened to throw them all away. T-shirts and caps. Anyhoo, he paid less than $200 for it all. I ended up w/3 dresses and a bathing suit for $30! Of course the Men's dept. was loaded with stuff whereas the pickins were very slim for the ladies. So lets see about $800 worth of stuff for $200 and 2 books for $340. What's wrong with this picture????


Sheila said...

Congrats on all the great clothes deals there! I wonder if all the JcPenny's had that great sale??! I should've checked it out; we all need some new stuff around here! :)

doodlebugmom said...

I got my oldest an XL twin matress pad (dorm size) for 70 cents at JCP. Love their markdowns.

I am with you on the college costs. My daughter is starting her sophmore year on Tuesday and its is ridiculous.

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