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Saturday, August 11, 2007

In Search Of...

I am always tickled at what people search for that leads them to my blog. Usually amusing, sometimes down right scary!

Today, since I have nothing better to write about, I will share some with you. You're Welcome.

"Getting rid of frogs in the backyard"
Ok, I understand that one since I'm always complaing about the frogs. But then comes ...

"Is frog poop good for you?"
Huh? My guess would be NO! Yuck!

"Lissete Girl"
Yeah, that would be me... I am a girl.

Oh, and
"Who is the Queen of Target"
YES! You found me!

Then we have searches that involve a grammar lesson.
"Is Fantabulous a real word?"
Hell yeah! I've been using it since high school!

And while we are talking about high school...
"What are submarine races?"
Life lesson #1. There is no such thing! Think Inspiration Point.

"How much space to leave between when slow dancing?"
Who would ask such a thing? None. Zip. Nada. Those days are over! They actually ended around 6th grade ;)

"Chicken with huge butts"
Okay.... For some reason they were led to this post. Somone with a chicken fetish I suppose.

or this:
"Sexy Chimps"
Well if you're into chimps, I suppose that you would want a sexy one.

Since we are somewhat on the subject, how about the ones that are searching for porn??
"Fantasy with her hands" links here

"Diapered Chick"
I was commenting on that astronaut lady. Who would have thunk that that was porn?

"Men who like laxatives"
I guess I am quite naive about some things. I just don't get the sexual connotation. Anywho this is the post.

And finally, the one that scared the beejeesuz out of me. All the way from Dubai...
"How to get rid of Lissete"


Melissa said...

Ha ha - I love raeding what got people to my site! The most-often searched term is "IHOP garden scramble points" from a post I did last summer. I never have, by the way, figured out the points for one - and I guess no one else has either.

Damselfly said...

The frog poop search was me.


Sheila said...

How do you find out what phrases people are typing in to find your site?????? Do they just tell you that's what they were searching? I'm curious!!

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