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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Indian Giver?

As you all know, Kat started college this year. She got the Fl. Medallion scholarship through Bright Futures, which covers 75% of her tuition. This is funded through the FL. Lottery & is available to all Fl. Students as long as their GPA & Test scores meet the requirements. Kat met the requirements. She graduated cum laude with a Superintendent's Certificate of Distinction. She received her award letter for Bright Futures in April & she accepted it.

She has now received a letter from the University stating that her award had been cancelled because she is not on the Master Eligibility List. So she calls the Director of Bright Futures and they basically tell her "Too Bad, So Sad". They say that she applied too early!! A month too early. That there is nothing that can be done & she will not be receiving her scholarship. They insist that letters were sent out. Do they actually believe that if we received something stating that her scholarship, her lifeline to her education, was in jeapardy, we would not have done something about it? I am absolutely livid! If she did apply too early then why would she receive the award in the 1st place?

Kat is in tears. Her stress level is going through the roof. She doesn't want to speak to that lady because she was basically rude to her and would not let her speak. So now she will be writing letters. To the Governor of the State of FL, to the State Reps, and to whoever else she can think of. She has worked her entire High School years for this and it is just not fair.

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doodlebugmom said...

Wow, that is so unfair! How about a call to a local tv station? And a letter to the editor.

I would even consider contacting an attorney. The schorship was given to her. Can they prove she got the letter that said it wasn't hers after all.

I am sad for Kat too, for all of you. =(

Good luck!

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