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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Niagra Falls

I'm not talking about the actual Falls, one of the great "natural" wonders of the world. Although, I don't think it is actually listed as such. But that's not important right now. I am talking about me. About what a cry baby I am.

Let me explain. I was watching Terms of Endearment the other night. I have watched this movie a gazillion times. Each time, the floodgates open and the waterworks begin. I am such a sap!

I decided to compile a list of movies that have that effect on me, no matter how many times I watch them. Tis is what I came up with in no particular order:

Terms of Endearment
The Notebook
City of Angels
The Green Mile
Life is Beautiful
Pay It Foward
Mask (the one with Cher)
The Champ
My Girl
and even...
Bicentennial Man, a movie about a Robot!

I'm sure that there are many more, but I just can't remember right now. Which movies have that effect on you? I bet I cried during those as well!


Kelsey said...

Im a cryer too I even cried a Juno lol

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Fried Green Tomatoes, Message in a Bottle, Steel Magnolias, Out of Africa....and I could go on and on..

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