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Saturday, July 12, 2008


What ever happened to those Shhhhhhhhh signs that were all over the hospital? A picture of a nurse asking you to please be quiet. You would think that it is just cmmon sense and common courtesy. But it is not always that way. My step-father had to go to the hospital on Wednesday due to an infection on his foot. He is diabetic plus has a crapload of other things going on. The infection got to the bone, so they have to operate. He has been in a "semi"private room and my mom says that it has been a nightmare. His room mate has visitors all.the.time. The wife does not shut up and always wants to chit chat with my mom. If my mom closes the curtain, the lady comes around and opens it. My mom is not anti-social but my step-dad is trying to rest. On top of that, she says that it always sounds like a party in the hallway and that people get on their cell phones and yell, since I'm sure reception is not very good. Today, she says, there were 3 little girls playing hopscotch in the hall. When we were little, we were not even allowed to leave the lobby! And visitors were limited to 2 at a time!

I, unfortunately, am no stranger to hospital stays. But I have only had to share a room once. And once was enough! When I had my first baby, they put me in a room with another lady. The woman would moan and groan the entire night for no reason. She would buzz the nurse all the time. She would ask me to get her stuff because, get this, she just.had.a.baby! And I was there, why? Definitely not to be her personal servant. On top of that, her visitors were all pervs! I had the bed next to the door and whenever they walked in, they would ogle. Especially when I was nursing!

I'm going to visit him tomorrow. Maybe I should take a boombox!


doodlebugmom said...

My hospital stay was relatively quiet (except for the old man across the hall that threw all night...ewww I hated that!) I had my own room, they pretty much all are here. Even had my own bathroom, no sharing with the room next door, with a huge shower.

Its not just hospitals, people are more rude everywhere. When we were growing up we had respect for other people.

Hope your Step dad is feeling better real soon. Have your mom talk to the nurse, tell them the situation. Maybe he can get a different room.

Jenni said...

Hilarious about the lady you had to share with! What a butthead!

I hope your step-dad recovers quickly and can get home for some real rest!

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