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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Survived Spring Break!

Not much going on around here. Dreading the appt. with my MD for the results of the ultrasound. UGH!

Haven't scrapped at all in about 3 months. Just don't feel like it lately. Soooo, I end up at Michaels today. Bought a bunch of beads and stuff. Now I will attempt to make some jewelry for me & the girls. I also went to my other favorite place..... Target! Easter stuff at 75%! Bought the girls those fuzzy socks that they like plus a bunch of candy...that I like!

Now for a rant...... Can someone please tell me how much of our tax money is going to that idiot Massoui's(sp?) trial & protection??? For crissake! Makes me sick how he can mock victim's families & say that he wishes more pain on the US and he is still given the right to trial in a country for which he has no allegiance!

one more quick rant :) Danny has never had a baby dropped off at the station. They just keep dumping these poor babies. This week was a 3 week old left on the sidewalk in front of a laundromat. Don't worry that we were in the 90's yesterday.

Well, maybe one more..... Kari was watching that MTV show, My Super Sweet 16. There is nothing sweet about those girls (& boys)! God help me if my kids EVER talked to me like that! SPOILED BRATS! OK, I'm done.... For now. ;)

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