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Friday, August 25, 2006

Early to rise & late to bed makes Lissy not healthy,cranky & dead!

It seems like my boobs are in a race with the bags under my eyes to see which one reaches my knees first! I have not gotten a good night's sleep in 2 weeks. I am exhausted! I was up at 5AM today. Lack of sleep plus trying to put this trip together is killing me! Too bad we are not going to a nice relaxing place. Like Hawaii maybe. :) Our trip is turning out to be 7 days of non-stop action. I think that I may be trying to cram too much into one week. Plus now Danny wants to take a day to visit family.

I am trying to find tickets to Wicked. I refuse to pay $300 plus for a ticket though. So we'll see if my plan works out. Sorry, can't tell you, or I might just jinx myself. Almost everything else is set though. I have all my reservations less one day. That day we may just be sleeping in the streets since I can't find anything for that night. I also have ordered my NY Pass, and I hope to be able to do enough to get my $$ worth. Niagara Falls is completetly done too. Hotel & show tickets. Just need the Falls tickets when we get there. The Canadian $$ exchange was confusing me a bit but hopefully I've got it. Too bad the US$ isn't as strong as i was a few yrs ago, we are practically 1 to 1 almost.

Have I mentioned how much I hate FPL? And while I'm at it the insurance companies too. Our electric bill was $480 this month! We used slightly less kws than last yr. at this time and we are paying about $140 more. The insurance company not only raised our premium by $1700 but they are covering less! Highway robbery! Between that and the cost of gas, soon we will be living by candlelight in a tent and get around on scooters. There will be a major rise in bankruptcies soon, I guarantee it. I really can't wait to get out of here! We need to find a place where there are nice people, no hurricanes and preferably with a nice ocean view! :)

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