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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I am weak!

I had a Diet Coke today :( I have absolutely no willpower! Good thing is, I only had one and I did drink a ton of water. I spent most of the day peeing too, so that proves it! I did ok on the food too, like I said that part doesn't bother me much. Now for my sweets. I went and bought the 100 calorie packs of Chips Ahoy, not bad... not bad at all. It definitely calms the cravings. I also bought some WW mini lemon cake thingies (which I'll try tomorrow) & some honey graham sticks. I also have sugar free jello.

Danny will be home tomorrow and he is the #1 deterrent of any diet I try. He also needs to lose weight but won't even try. We should both go on that show The Biggest Loser or maybe make it easy on both of us and go on Extreme Makeover. It's going to take me forever to lose what I gained in such a shoort time. Anyhoo, I also have been on my treadmill and have been doing that Windsor Pilates tape. 20 minute workout, now that's my kind of workout! My abs hurt like crazy. I hope that's a good thing. Although it actually hurts quite a bit around the incision from my hysterectomy.

Better get my jiggly butt to bed, early morning again tomorrow.

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