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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Lack of sleep makes me very, very cranky!

The neighbors were having a party last night. We have parties all the time too. Difference is, that we tend to be a bit more considerate. We lower or turn off the music at midnight. The music stopped at around 1AM so I went to sleep. Half hour later they blasted it again and didn't stop till a little after 4 freaking 30 in the morning!!! Then to add insult to injury their stupid dogs start barking hysterically (as ALWAYS!) at 6AM. Soooo, I get up with the worst migraine in history and I'm bitchy as hell.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of school, so the girls will probably be up super early in the morning. I'm glad that school is starting but I am dreading the early mornings!

For my family's sake, I hope to get rid of this headache (and this mood) soon. If not, they may just see my head spinning in circles a la excorcist!

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Melissa said...

Don't you just hate inconsiderate neighbors? I used to have a group of young people next door who would party all night long. Their landlord figured out that there were about 10 people living there instead of the two on the lease, and he raised their rent. They decided to live elsewhere, and were replaced by a single man who doesn't make a peep.

Nice blog.

(Visiting from the CKMB)
Melissa (melz)

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