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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Appointment at the DMV

My stomach is already doing flip flops. Not because of the lines & the wait at the DMV. Not even because of the sometimes surly DMV folks. On Friday I am taking both my babies to get their license. Actually, Kat gets her license & Kari gets her learner's permit. We have delayed it as much as possible. I was driving all over Miami & the Keys at 16. Kat will be 18 next month, I guess it's time. But, it still is stressing me out.

I'm not so worried about her driving skills as I am about all the idiots on the road. For some reason, people do not understand the concept of a "Stop" sign. Oh, and common courtesy.... what's that?

"The decision to have a child is to accept that your heart

will forever walk about outside your body"

~ Katharine Hadley


Sheila said...

Oh Lissete, I feel for you! My son is 15, going on 16 in September. He already has his schedule for next fall, and he'll be taking driver's ed the first semester. I am freaking out. Right now I drive my kids everywhere, and although sometimes it's a pain, I remember that ONE day he'll be wanting to drive himself somewhere, and I'll be a NERVOUS wreck. There are so many crazy drivers out there, and so many things to pay attention to - I'm just praying he'll keep focused and be safe when the time comes. My daughter too, but she's only 13 right now. I don't want to rush things!!!!

Melissa said...

And here I am, whining because mine will be going to kindergarten in a few months. Guess I have lots of those moments to look forward to!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

oh man, I know I will be there someday and it will come way too fast.

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