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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Now all I have to do is post 6 quirky things about myself on my blog.

* I don't like different foods touching on my plate.

* I don't like tomatoes but I love ketchup.

* I can't whistle out, only in.

* I LOVE dipping my french fries in chocolate milkshake. YUM!

* I can't ride in the back seat of a car, makes me real sick!

* I can't wear turtlenecks or cowlnecks or anything around my neck. It drives me nuts!

That's only 6 out of a gazillion! :)


kailani said...

I'm like that about things on my neck, too. I can't wear t-shirts or even have the sheets pulled all the way up.

Melissa said...

My mom is the same way about turtlenecks. Someone gave her a really nice, really expensive turtleneck/blazer set a couple of years ago, but she can't stand to wear it!

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