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Monday, February 26, 2007

Strawberries & Rolls & Jerks, Oh My!

We went out to the Redlands again today. I think I posted about this road before. Two lane road where for some reason all the idiot drivers like to drive. We were heading out to the farm to buy some cinnamon rolls & strawberries. Traffic was flowing at about 40 MPH. Nice drive in the country. Until, this idiot came out of nowhere at about 70 MPH almost going head on into on-coming traffic and pracically side swiping the car ahead of us. Jerk!

*** Edit to add: I don't wan't anyone to think that I am a creless driver taking pics while I drive. :) Danny was driving. I had my camera out because i was taking shots of the farms. Yes, that is the jerk driver in the blue van on the left. See all the oncoming cars??***

We did make it in one piece although my nerves were a bit frazzled! A strawbrry milkshake & a cinnamon roll sure did take care of that though. Just call me Fatty McFatty.


Melissa said...

I hate those close calls. Glad you guys are OK. But the strawberries look like they were worth it!

Sheila said...

Is that the actual picture of the jerk driver in that photo? If so, you're sure quick with the camera!
The strawberries look yummy! They are my favorite.

Valerie said...

those strawberries look yummy!! can't wait till next month (where, in my humble opinion, California strawberries are beginning to be worth eating!)!
thanks BTW - for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

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