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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cigarettes Stink... Literally

We will never know if smoking since the age of 15 contributed to my father's early death. Maybe, or maybe it was just bad genes. He was just 37. Massive heart attack. I am constantly freaked about the similarities between what happened to my dad, and what happened to me.

He was 37. I was 35.
He went with us to our pediatrician the day he died. I took Kari to her pediatrician the day I had my heart attack.
He had a heart attack in a grocery store. I had mine in a grocery store.

We were all together waiting for him outside the store. I was alone.
He died. I survived.

Modern medicine? Who knows. I was in the cath lab within 24 hours of my heart attack That was 6 years ago. Today they try to have you in for a cath within 1 hour. I like to think that it helped that I do not smoke. When D & I went to Niagara Falls, all the cigarette packages in Canada not only had a warning like the packages here in the US, but they also had graphic pictures depicting the effects of smoking. Hopefully kids are getting the message.


doodlebugmom said...

I am sorry to hear you lost your dad when he was so young. Glad you are still with us! :)

Melissa said...

My brother just started smoking last year - at the age of 25! Who does that? I just keep praying that he'll stop before major damage is done.

And no, you don't always die from it - my aunt is basically housebound because she can't breathe well enough, even with oxygen, to move more than a few steps. And she stopped smoking about 15 years ago.

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