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Saturday, August 02, 2008


I have a ton of pet peeves. Sometimes I wonder if it is just me that finds so many things to be annoying. I don't think that I am easily annoyed, but I may be wrong. Maybe it's a character flaw. I hope not. One of my major pet peeves, aside from folks who can't wait their turn, is people who are always up on my rear. I mean, that when I am say...paying at the register or placing an order at the counter, they are right on top of me. So much so, that I feel their breath on my neck. Since I am evil, I usuallly just step back and squash their toes. Oops. Even worse is when I am paying, they aren't even behind me. They are right next to me watching my transaction. Maybe since it annoys me so much, I tend to give people their space. I will have at least two feet or more of space between me and the person ahead of me. I don't tailgate in my car and don't tailgate in line.
The reason for this rant is because it happened again today. We are at the counter at a fast food place. It was just my nephew & I. We got our food and when he backed away from the counter he stepped on the lady who was totally invading our personal space. By ACCIDENT. Being the sweet, polite little boy that he is, he immediately apologized. The woman scowled at him. WHAT??!!?? He was really worried and a bit scared. She didn't even acknowledge his apology. So that ticked me off even more than the fact that she was all over us in the first place. So I calmly, but loud enough foreveryone to hear her to hear told him that it was an accident and not his fault. That he wouldn't have stepped on her if she hadn't been so close to us, and that is just rude. That if we would have been in a car that she would have gotten a ticket for following too closely.

So yeah, annoyed. To top it all off, one of my other peeves:
In case you can't make it out. People who think they own the parking lot & hog up 2 or more spaces! It's blurry because I did a drive by. I'm afraid someone might chase me down for taking pictures of them. :)


Melissa said...

Oh, I know what you mean about the parking lots - what is so hard about getting between those lines?

Rachel said...

Really, it's not you...It 's them!!! I am with you on this. Why are people so rude?

It's just wrong....

Days like These! said...

I feel you on the too close for comfort situations!

I can't see the photo of the car but, I can only imagine what they were doing!

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