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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Visions of Cereal

The Sunday paper contained tons of coupons for Kellogg cereals. Plus one rebate for $10 when you purchase 10 qualifying Kellogg items. Then, Walgreens has 4/$10 and they give you $5 Register Rewards. Great! I buy 4 use 2 coupons pay $8 then get $5 back then go back do the same and use my RR plus $3 cash and another $5 RR. Still with me right? After 2 more items I send in my $10 rebate and I have 10 boxes of cereal for practically free. So, I'm getting my coupons ready and I notice the rebate says that all 10 boxes need to be purchased in the same transaction! Who buys 10 boxes of cereal at one time? The Duggar's maybe. But not us. I'm off to see what's on sale. Why can't they make it easier on me?

Speaking of cereal, have you noticed that now they put the toy surprise right on top of the cereal. Why didn't they do that when I was a kid? Since I couldn't wait back then, (ok I still have issues, whatever) I would dump the entire box into a large bowl then try to put it all back in so no one would notice. It never worked. And I always got in trouble for it. Heck, I had to get to it before my brother did!

Off to the great cereal hunt!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for pointing that out! I probobly would have sent in for the rebate with with several different transactions. I will probobly just pass this deal up.

chantillylace said...

The cake is ugly (prior post). I haven't had cereal in a gazillion years. So they still come with toys inside the box. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Whaaaat! The prizes are at the top now? I'm outraged! Whatever happened to gobbling up too much cereal just so you can get to the prize sooner? If kids today had to do this I'm pretty sure the obesity problem would be solved. They'd be too full for snacking! (there may be a tiny flaw in my logic. Nah.)

Anonymous said...

At least you dumped the cereal out. I can remember reaching my grubby little hand down into the cereal and then rummaging around until I found the "prize". Of course I only did that when no one else was around to see. ;-)

Kelsey said...

They put them ontop now? That is crazy!

Scribbit said...

BIG Cinnamon Toast Crunch fan here--BIG FAN :)

kailani said...

I would love a deal like that! I have so many boxes of different cereal that my family calls me Jerry Seinfeld. LOL!

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