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Monday, August 04, 2008

Just Kidding

I really hope that no one took me seriously in regards to that cake. It is quite frankly, pretty scary! I'm sure that it takes alot of work and talent, but no thank you. Here's another one that freaks me out: Nothing against the lady who design and makes these cakes. She has some really amazing creations. BUT, there's something about cutting this cake that is very disturbing. As you can tell, I've been looking at cake designs. Not that I will ever actually make anything so extravegant since you actually need some patience for stuff like that. I don't even have what it takes to make a stupid rose! :)

In other news, Yahoo mail is really aggravating me. Not only does it have loading issues every.single.day, but it also can't tell the difference between spam and non-spam. All the offers for viagara get through, but not mail from blogger. To top it ll of, I sent myself a test email and it sent it to spam! Geeze. You know what else goes to spam? My paperless statements. My only notice to make my payments. All of which are on my contact list. I'll probably be switching over to google pretty soon. It's just a pain to switch everything. Any recommendations for another email provider? It has to be free by the way, since I'm all cheap like that!


Kelsey said...

Now that is creepy!

Jennifer said...

These cakes you find! OMG!

Rebecca said...

There is a video of her making one on youtube. I have apple tv and you can watch youtube videos there. It was just kinda odd and wierd. I wouldn't be able to cut it either.

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