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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Are they no longer wise?

The girls got their wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. Everything went fine and they have very little swelling. I wish that I had taken my camera though. I normally would but the threw a wrench in my plans. They were given that twilight anesthesia. Not totally general since they brethe on their own. But it was hilarious to watch them when the surgery was over! They both would lift their arm up in the air, stare at it and let it drop. They would stick their tongue out and try to look at it. They would just babble incoerently and ask the same thing over & over. Kat asked the nurse for the teeth to put under her pillow about a dozen times. Remember, she is 19! It would have all made for a super funny video albeit a very expensive one.

Before they were taken in, I had to dish out close to $800 for the portion that was not covered by the insurance. They should have given me some anethesia for that!

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