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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Lifetime of Magic

I currently have Disney on my mind because of the Social Media Moms Conference. Have I mentioned that we’re going? Well, in case I haven’t mentioned it in the last 20 minutes or so, we will all be there with bells on in February.

Anyhoo, my first ever trip to Walt Disney World was on January 20, 1972. I had just turned 5. ( I know ya’ll are doing the math and all. Just to save you the trouble, I’ll let you know that I stopped at 29! ) Although, it’s been (cough) 38 years, I really do remember that day clearly. Back then, the characters would stroll around the park on their own. To me that was just the most amazing & fascinating thing ever. I even met my idol at the time, Snow White. She spoke to me for over 5 minutes. I have home movies to prove it. Unfortunately, there is no sound. I clearly remember telling her how I had a record that played her story and that I would follow along with the book. I also explained that there was a little chime when I was supposed to turn the page. You know, just in case she didn’t know how that worked. I also asked if the apple tasted bad. She seemed so very interested in what I had to say, and I was in awe. Those were also the days of tickets for rides. Sometime that same year Eastern Airlines opened a ride in Tommorowland, which did not require tickets. We would ride it over and over. If you had wings, If you had wings, If you had wings, had wings, had wings! I LOVED it! It was love at first sight for me with Disney. It’s a love that has endured the test of time. Heck, I’ve loved it almost as long as I’ve been alive! On a side note and totally useless piece of information, we stayed at the Polynesian a few months after our first visit and my mom tells me that the nightly rate was about $35!!!

Fortunately, I have lived in Miami all my life, and road trips to Disney were the norm for me growing up. When I got married, my dear sweet husband took me on an around the world honeymoon... to Epcot. Once we had kids, we couldn’t wait for them to be old enough to appreciate the magic. There is nothing like seeing Disney through the eyes of a child. We were fortunate enough to be members of the Disney Vacation Club, which facilitated our many trips to Disney, Vero Beach, Hilton Head & several Disney Cruises as well. My girls, still love Disney and are looking forward to our upcoming trip, with the same anticipation as when they were five.

Next up for us, Disney with the grandkids. There’s no rush, but when I do have grandkids, I will be ready to take them to the happiest, most magical place on earth!

Don’t forget that this year is Give a Day, Get a Day. You just volunteer your time with a participating organization and Disney will give you one FREE day at either Disneyland or Disney World! It’s a win-win situation. So head on over and see what’s available in your community!

I’m sure that I will have a ton of things to report on after the conference. So Stay tuned!
This is just for the audio . The video is irrelevant.

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Mandy said...

I remember meeting Figment when I was 6 or so. I was deathly afraid of him. :D But even still, Disney has always had a hold on my heart. My husband and I also honeymooned there - and the Disney SM Moms event is allowing us to return and celebrate an early 10 yr anniversary. So happy to be returning for the ump-teenth time! ;)

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