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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Orange Craisins!

I should be used to it, whenever I fall in love with a product, it is discontinued. Be it a scent, a nail polish, cosmetic, candles... you name it!

I LOVE Orange flavored craisins from Ocean Spray. I use them in salads, for baking and just on their own. To my dismay, my local grocery stores no longer stock them Why? I don't know. They told me that the Orange flavored ones were discontinued. They lied. I called Ocean Spray myself. Although they were very nice, they didn't really give me any options to purchase. I go on vacation and make it a point to check the grocery stores there, with no luck either. Even Amazon did not have them available.

So after looking around online, I finally found Buy the Case.com. Not only did they have it available, but the prices are very comparable to my grocery store's prices. Plus they ship really fast and send a coupon for a future order to boot! Needless to say, I am a very happy camper! I got them in time for my holiday baking, so my friends were happy campers as well! :-)


Melissa said...

A few months ago, I discovered a "healthier" brand of ramen noodles, and just a few weeks after that, discovered that they'd been discontinued! Apparently, what I had been buying was the last of the stock! A web search revealed that the company claimed that there just wasn't enough demand. I beg to differ.

Why do they do this to us?

Anonymous said...

Well, Orange craisins are nowhere to be found now :(

Anonymous said...

That is what my grocery store told me! I haven't even bothered to look online...UNTIL... I just saw a commercial for ocean spray that advertised the orange craisins! I can't find them online anywhere, though. Maybe they are making a comeback!?!? I sure do miss my chicken salad with orange craisins!

Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's has wonderfully orange flavored dried cranberries.

wondering said...

Yeah, TJ's sells them... At $20 a pound (COUGH, COUGH)

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