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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crafty Shopping

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Target??? Today, I went in to get some shaving gel & shampoo. Cost me about $50! I meandered over to the scrapbook aisle and it was empty. Empty meaning practically no merchandise. There was one guy there and I asked if hey were getting rid of the scrapbook stuff and he told me that they were just restocking. So I RAN to the endcaps! Piled high on three seperate endcaps I found the mother load. EVERYTHING was 75% off! I got paper, cardstock, Xyron Cheetah, MM acrylic paints & stamps. I also got 8 pks of color Sharpies because I love them. They also had the gift wrap suff on sale. Boy o boy, it was a great day! So if you are a scrapbook crap collector like me, head on over to Tarjay and see what you find! They had albums & kits and well, practically the entire old aisle! Happy Hunting!

Best part was that I beat the employees! While I was there, about 3 employees came by and practically cleaned out the end caps. But I was ok, I had just finished my shopping.
So I got home and went to my craft room with all my treasures. I organized them all nice and pretty. Maybe I will actually use the stuff. Eventually.


Melissa said...

Hooray for Target! I'd love to get by there in the next few days (ours is half an hour away) because they also have my Senseo coffee on sale this week - for a dollar cheaper than Walmart!

Damselfly said...

Oh my goodness, you must be the long-lost twin of my best friend! What a great find!

Whitney said...

I don't get it. Every time I read your blog you are talking about the great deals that you are getting at Target..

I was in Target the other day and I specifically shopped the clearance areas and went through the scrapbook section. THERE WERE NO GREAT DEALS! None, nope, nada! I need to move to Florida.

tAnYeTTa said...

i love that place.

no seriously, it's just something about the ambiance and those red stickers.

i'm getting warm just thinking of it.


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