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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Running on Empty

In April of last year, we went on quick visit to California. Right before we left, I fueled up my car. I distinctly remember paying $1.89 per gallon. I remember being oh, so happy that it had gone under $2! Today, I drove by and saw prices ranging between $3.35-39. Notice how I said drove by. That is just what I did. Lately, I fuel up only when I absolutely have to. I am filling up my little car at almost $50. Danny & I are both flying to Boston roundtrip for a grand total of $74. Total. For.the.two.of. us! This gas thing is driving me nuts! I think twice before driving out to my Target. That's just not right. Stimulus package, my rear end!!!

I did get my new MBT's today. I hope that these ugly looking moon shoes help with my walking. They are quite pricey but the reviews are great. Plus I did not pay retail. If the reviews are correct, my knees should not bother me anymore when I walk. Nor my lower back. Actually, I'm planning on going to the zoo tommorow, by myself, to try them out. Gotta go find my pedometer. I so need to get moving more than I am. It will also come in handy when I have to walk EVERYWHERE because I cannot afford to fuel up my car. I wish that I lived in a "walking" town and not in the "burbs". To get anywhere I need to drive at least a mile!


Scribbit said...

It was $3.29 here today and I had a similar "I remember when" experience.

tAnYeTTa said...

$3.57 regular here!

let's get bikes!

Melissa said...

I get anxiety attacks when I think about gas prices! And I have to drive to Kentucky (about four hours) this weekend to do a training workshop! I'm sure dreading filling up!

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