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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Friday Night Fire

Grass fire season is here. I HATE it Last year we had one right in front of our house. That empty lot is a magnet for fires. It doesn't help much when people are so freakin inconsiderate! Not only do they flick their lit cancer sticks into the dry brush, but you have folks on ATV's riding through there. Plus, you have the nice ones who come and dump their trash in there too. One kind soul decided to share some Christmas joy with us and dump their Christmas tree there instead of taking it to the dump or recycle it into mulch. I guess they just kept it around till almost APRIL until they could find the perfect spot for it!
Friday's fire was a few blocks away and fortunately the wind was blowing away from us. I for one am the first one to leave should it get close. Not only is it more difficult to breathe, but I have an immense fear of getting burned. Not D though. He'll stay and hose down our grass and stuff. Guess you can' be afraid of fire if you're a firefighter huh?

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Melissa said...

Glad y'all are OK. Those grass fires can be kinda scary!

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