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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lions & Tigers & Bears... Oh My!

Danny & I are parents to young adults. No babies, toddlers or young kids in the house. We are free to go out and do adult things. Maybe go to the theater or to a club or to the casino. But no. Where do we go? To the zoo. Our zoo is huge. It was a gorgeous day, but very hot. We were in the high 80's w/ 80% humidity. There are very little shady areas in this zoo. The animal enclosures do have plenty of shady areas, so we saw a lot of this:

The animas were well behaved. Which is more than I can say about some of the humans. Some some parents cursing at their kids and a couple feeling out each others tonsils in the middle of the petting zoo. I guess they misunderstood the concept of "petting zoo". Ya think? We also watched as a lady changed her kids diaper on top of a picnic table. Where people eat. With others eating around her.

These are my favorite:

Maybe next time we will go to the circus!

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Melissa said...

Hey, who doesn't like the zoo? I can't wait for Anna Marie's field trip this spring!

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