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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I abdicate my title....

After many years of being hailed by family, friends & even Danny as the Queen of Target, I found out this weekend that I don't even come close. Yes, I scored some awesome deals on Sunday. Yes, it was stuff that no one else had any idea was 90% off . But, I have seen the real "Queen". Although, if what I witnessed constitutes getting the best deals, then I rather not. This woman had 3, yes THREE shopping carts bungee tied together. She was also dragging along 3 kids uder the age of 5. I could hear her yelling at the kids clear across the store. She somehow managed to fill up all 3 carts by pushing her way and literally screaming & demanding stuff from the employees. I like a fab deal as much as the next gal, but I will not be rude to get it. The employee was surrounded by people grabbing stuff from her stock cart, so she just decided to hand the stuff out. She asked me what I wanted. I really only wanted the dishware at that tiime. She asked if I wanted all 3 boxes and I chose to only keep one and let others have a shot. When she asked this woman how many she wanted, she answered "All of them".

I left and went to where the Smith & Hawken outdoor stuff is and that is where I was able to find a bunch of ccol stuff at 90%. At check out, that woman was at the register next to me. All the employees were rolling their eyes at her. Yes, she did score about $3000 worth of stuff for $300 but she was rude, loud & obnoxious to everyone around her. Plus she did it in front of her kids. My kids have never & will never witness that kind of behavior from me, because it will never happen. So like I said, if that is what it takes to be Queen, I rather be a peon and keep my integrity!

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