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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm such a Rebel!

Danny & I were in the waiting room at the dealership while my car got an oil change. I was reading a magazine, just wish I could remember which magazine, and this article caught my attention. It states that they are trying to pass a law to make skipping commercials illegal! I almost peed my pants! Supposedly they are blaming DVRs but heck I've been fast fowarding through commercials since my first VCR! So I have a long history!

Anyhoo, as most of you know, my Kat is a Senior this year. She has been dealing with this Bell's Palsy for a month now, and thankfully is slowly improving. Today, she finds out that she has been nominated for Senior Superlatives. For "Best Smile". She is not a very happy camper. Although she is improving, it is still not 100%. If they could use an old picure she would be ok with it. But since they have to take a picture of her with the guy in the same category, she does not want to even consider it. What can I say. Fortunately, she is not torn up about it.


Melissa said...

Call the ACLU - I'm sure there must be something in the Constitution about the right to fast-forward being guaranteed!

Sorry to hear about Kat's dilemma. Maybe a suitable solution can be found!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

What a thing for a teenage girl to deal with. Is it on only one side of her face? Can she turn her head so slightly for her smiling side?
Do they know why she got this. Poor thing.

Lissa Ballard said...

Oh mny goodness Lissete, I can so sympathize. I had a great smile once upon a time - I've had bell's palsy FOUR TIMES now. The first three times I healed up perfectly! She will be beautiful no matter what and what Kim said is a great suggestion - have her pic taken from her "good" side. It will work!

I can't believe our babies are Senior's in High School... Where did time go?

Big hugs to you old friend!

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