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Monday, January 01, 2007


Last night we got in our car and drove less than 5 mins. to our family NYE party. I use the "party" but it was more like a get together. We had dinner, had dessert, watched the ball drop, swallowed some gawd awful champagne, kisses all around, then another 5 minute drive back home. Nice quiet evening with the people that mean the most to us and not the obnoxious drunks that were at the other party that we were invited to.

This morning I woke up @ 10 AM. Brushed my teeth, my hair and ot dressed. I was at Target by 10:15 for the 75% off Christmas stuff. All the good stuff was gone. I picked up some lights & gift bags but not much else left.

I was back home by noon and have been vegging ever since. Game Show Network rocks!
The girls are still in their pj's and Danny is at work so it's a quiet day for us all. Except Danny that is. He's dealing with the drop dead drunks from last night.

One more week and everything goes bac to normal. I have to start putting away all our decorations but my body does not feel like doing it today. Maybe tomorrow.

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