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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So behind!

In the past, I would be done with my holiday shopping by October. I have progressively gotten worse at getting this done as the years have gone by. I have been doing most of my shopping online lately. Mainly because I HATE going to the mall this time of year. For some reason the holidays bring out the grinch in people. It all starts the minute you pull into the parking lot and that first idiot cuts in front of you to steal your parking spot. It gets better when they decide to ram their shopping cart into the back of your ankles. And the icing on the cake comes when you are waiting to pay and you have to watch the person in front of you cursing out the poor cashier simply because the poor girl did not have larger bags.

So yeah, the point is, I'm way behind. Probably because we don't have to play Santa anymore. I decided to at least try to get my Holiday cards out by tomorrow and ship the gifts that need to be shipped. Finish buying the few gifts that I have yet to buy. Send out my holiday check to St. Judes. And get ready for my eatingpalooza bakingpalooza in 2 weeks.

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Melissa said...

Behind is not the word for what we are! I'm hoping to get my Christmas pic taken this weekend (thank God for digital cameras and one-hour developing) but my shopping is another matter. I have a birthday party and a bridal shower to get to first!

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