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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Another Edition of: In Search Of...

It is time once again to look into what brings people to this blog. In Search Of... Part I, really had me wondering about the type of people that reach my blog. Even by accident. Pretty scary! Especially the person that googled "How to get rid of Lissete"!

I get alot of people looking for information about "Frog Poop"& "Submarine Races". I would just like to say that I am not an expert on those subjects. And for the person who asked f frog poop is good for you, did you try it? Has it improved your health? I have also been getting tons of people looking to "Fix a bad perm". Honey, if you find a fix, PLEASE let me know!

So without further ado...

"I hate polaroids!"
Ok, thank you for letting me know. I'll be sure not to use a polaroid camera next time I take your picture.

"tapping right foot sexual passes"
I just don't know what to think of this one. Maybe it's some sort of new pick up technique?? Is tapping the left foot not attractive?

"men are like parking slots the good ones are usually taken"
Yes, I agree. I have a great parking slot though!

"im feeling sick 2x"
That's not so bad. Let me know when it's 3x

"car damaged in home depot parking lot"
Hey! Mine too! I feel your pain! Unless you're the one who hit my car and took off, then get off my blog!

"i just vegged"
I do that all the time! Probably why you were led to my blog huh?

"the jetsons makeup machine"
I want one too! Have you found one? How much??

"Why am I soooo hot?"
Now, do you mean hot? or HOT? If it's just hot try dressing more comfortably. Or maybe, if you're my age it can me hot flashes. But if you actually mean HOT as in smokin' hot and you need to google an answer to your conceitedness, then it's probably just your imagination! Get a new mirror. Or on the other hand, let me borrow yours.

And finally, another one that I don't understand...

"images of girls bladders exploding"

No comment.

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