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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm NOT Hiding!

Today I have received a few phone calls. Not from sweet friends checking up on my well being or just to say hey. No, these calls are from evil, wicked so called friends, making fun of me for being afraid of thunder & lightning. Every conversation starts along these lines:

Me: (freaking out because someone is calling in the middle of a lighting storm and we all know that it can go through the phone lines and electrocute my ear) Hello?

So called friend: Hey, what are you doing?

Me: Not much

So called friend: So are you under the bed or in the closet??? (laughing wickedly)

For the record, I was not under the bed or in the closet! I was in my bedroom, which just so happens to be the only room in the house that has hurricane shutters on the window. Year round. Not because I use it as a hiding place from storms, but because it makes my room nice and dark. It just so happens that I do hide in there as well. :) When I start seeing blue flashes inside my house and lightning strikes that sound like my tree are being cracked in half, then I calmly walk up to my room to rest for a little while.

I woke up to thunder and lightning. It is now 3PM and it is just now tapering off. It's been like that for the past 3 days or so. I HATE it! I don't mind the rain so much, but the other stuff I can do without. Although, all this water is a breeding ground for these vile creatures. But at least my windows are getting washed.

1 comment:

Melissa said...

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

It's perfectly OK to be afraid of the weather, especially living where you do!

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