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Monday, June 09, 2008

Rambling on...

Slow weekend around here. For me at least. Kari had a pretty full weekend but the party is over. She started work today. I am so glad that she is self motivated and does not need that push to get her rear in gear. Except for cleaning up her room that is. But that is not imporant right now. She is working at a school over the the Summer and was asked if she would like to stay on for the regular school year. That would be great. Except for the fact that it would be a part time position, about 40 minutes from home(without traffic) and gas at upwards of $4 a gallon. She would be working solely for fuel. Although she would be doing what she loves, working with kids, she definitely needs to find a place closer to home. She is also decided to attempt a double major. Originally it was just Early Childhood/ Elementary Education. Now she has added Business simply because of the crap that they pay our teachers here. She hopes to someday own her own little school.

Since I have gone off and bored ya with my rambling, here is a funny hat always makes me giggle. Although, I am quite in awe, because I can't do the ABC thing. Sober!

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